The art of conversation is the art of hearing as well as of being heard.

William Hazlitt

Podcasts ("In the Spot" series)

My newspaper, Spotlight News, and its entertainment section, TheSpot518, have a weekly podcast called In the Spot via that succinctly tease to readers what news stories they can anticipate to read every week. Such news cover a range of topics, including community news, entertainment, culture, travel, politics, business and more.

Together with one colleague, I am in charge of: 

  • Co-hosting the In the Spot podcast
  • Writing its script every week
  • Voice recording and editing the audio files on GarageBand
  • Sharing on Apple Music/iTunes and publishing it on Spreaker
  • Sharing the final weekly podcast over social media

My colleagues and I pitched to our editors to start this weekly podcast since summer 2019 as a new way to engage with our readers on-the-go and encourage them to read our stories in our print and online editions.